Fine-tuning therapeutic exercise.

A complete platform for PT and patient.

Everything you need to make your patients better and keep track of them.

Intuitive Interface
Easy management of all your patients.

Higher Compliance
Automatic reminders and notifications.

Usage Statistics
See what your patients have done.

Fun For Your Patients
Your patients like doing exercises.

Meet TweeQ

Compile personalized programs in minutes. Really.

Realtime 3D

Build with the latest technologies.

Patient app for every platform.

Happier patients, better outcomes.

Just Follow Along
We keep track of progress for you; counting, tips, and warnings when you need them.

Get Motivated
Reach goals and get well at the same time.

Learn from All Angles
Full rotating 3D views of your exercise, with muscle highlights.

Stay Organized
Schedule your home exercises and physical therapy appointments in all platform calendar apps.

Manage Patients
Get statistics and feedback from every patient, every exercise.

Interact Intuitively
Make a personalized program for any patient in minutes.

Improve Compliance
Patients get push notifications to remind them to exercise.

Enjoy Clarity
Office visit notes, EMR exporting, even basic exercise protocol drawings, all in one place.

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